Primary Stakeholders

NIRSAL is an innovative, smart and sustainable agricultural finance intervention that promises a win-win value proposition for each of its key stakeholders.

Primary Stakeholders

NIRSAL is an innovative, smart and sustainable agricultural finance intervention that promises a win-win value proposition for each of its key stakeholders:

Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN): NIRSAL's innovative capacity to de-risk the agricultural value chain and in the process make banks lend with confidence to the agriculture sector will help the CBN meet its objective of leveraging private sector finance to strategically stimulate growth in the sector.

In statistical terms, it is projected that NIRSAL's interventions will lead to a sharp increase in bank lending to agriculture from the current levels to7.0 per cent of total bank of lending within 10 years.

Deposit Money Banks (DMBs) & Microfinance Institutions (MFIs): The critical role that NIRSAL plays in bridging the gap in understanding between financial institutions and the agriculture sector signals the opening of a new profitable market place to the finance sector.

NIRSAL's thorough understanding of the agricultural value chain, its practical understanding of the challenges and proactive knowledge of ways to mitigate themby sharing risks and capacity building removes earlier lending blind spots to the sector, protects the banks from risk while creating broader finance investment opportunities for banks to take advantage of.

Agricultural producers: Agricultural producers are critical stakeholders in the agricultural value chain and are one of the key beneficiaries of the NIRSAL intervention model. Some of the key benefits for agricultural producers are as follows:

  • Increased access to lending from financial institutions
  • Reduced interest rates on loans to near single-digit levels
  • Access to expert knowledgeand research on new and improved agric practices, improved seedlings and agric input
  • Improved access to markets to sell goods at the best prices possible
  • A more efficient, collaborative agricultural value chain where NIRSAL helps all components to work in complementary fashion.

Federal Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development (FMA&RD): NIRSAL represents for the ministry of agriculture and rural development a smart agricultural financing system that will unlock private sector capital, encourage commercial agriculture to help achieve its vision of growing the agricultural sector.

NIRSAL's unique and holistic strategy that unlike earlier interventions focuses on building efficiencies in all ancillary activities that affect agricultural production helps the ministry to institutionalize a workable system around the agriculture sector that works and delivers results on a sustainable basis. This is good for agricultural planning, offers a framework for enhancing food security, increasing productivity while reducing imports of agriculture produce and strengthening the local economy.

Federal Ministry of Finance (FMF): A stronger economy with additional agricultural GDP growth, higher employment, reduced expenditure on food imports, higher tax revenue from the agricultural sector, competitive exports and a more diversified economy.

State Governments: An improved agricultural economy at the state level creating more employment, with reduced poverty, enhanced food security and higher tax revenue from a better-performing and well-financed sector.